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Movie Review- The Hunger Games

I went to The Hunger Games yesterday with some of my friends! I was really excited to see it- even though I had heard mixed reviews. It seemed like I heard good things from friends, and semi- good things from the critics and reviewers. I tend to agree with the critics, myself.

New York Times review quote:

“For some fans of the three novels, the screen version will inevitably be disappointing, especially for those keeping inventory of the details, characters, grim thoughts and cynicism that have gone missing.”

Can I just say that I agree with this totally? I think if you are an avid lover of the books, then the liberties taken with this film will annoy you more than just a little. I did enjoy this movie, I really did! But the point is compared to the books, the movie really stinks.

If you haven’t read the books, these might spoilers. 😉 These are some things the movie changed that I wasn’t a fan of.

~ The mockingjay pin thing. In the book, Madge, the daughter of the Mayor(or something similar, I can’t remember) gives her the pin to keep her safe. In the movie, Katniss buys the pin for Prim, because Prim is scared to death getting chosen.

~Where were the helicopters that took the bodies away?

~ Why didn’t they even bring up the Avoxes? They were there, but they weren’t explained.

~ Why were the tributes wearing eyeliner and mascara in the arena?

~ Why did the tributes look fantastic when they were starving?

~ Most importantly, why did they get rid of the tribute part of the tribute-dog-monsters?! That was important!!

Besides those things, the movie was good. I have to say, the casting was very pleasing. You know it is good when you can’t imagine anyone else playing a certain character! Amandla Stenberg was perfect as Rue, and Josh Hutcherson was awesome as Peeta. Gale was probably the most handsome 😉 (well, all of the guys in this were, except for the old ones like Seneca Crane, etc.) but he was portrayed to be much more brooding and moody than I think he was in the book! The tributes, especially the more terrifying ones like Clove, Foxface, and Cato were wonderful as well! They were extremely bone-chilling. Jennifer Lawrence did a pretty good job of playing Katniss. I can’t really think of anything else to say about her performance.

Some people criticized how they added many scenes of Seneca Crane, Haymitch, and President Snow that weren’t in the book. I liked this! I think it added more political complexity to the movie, and more interest too!

There were some scenes I really liked, like the last scene in the arena, and the Tracker Jackers, and the scene where she blows up the supplies. There were even some funny scenes!

I recommend this movie IF you have read the book first! If you haven’t yet, then trust me, this movie will be in theaters long enough for you to read the book first! 🙂 It is slightly disappointing compared to the book, but still great and worthwhile to see!

😀 Olivia


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30 Day Book Challenge: Day 6- Favorite Young Adult Book

I love The Hunger Games and I can’t wait to see the movie! It actually looks like one of those movies that is almost as good as the book!

Just like yesterday, I can’t think of anything else to say! Sorry if this was weirdly short (for me anyway).

I’m also about to post an update/ review(s) of a few books I’ve finished lately, so stick around! 🙂

What are YOUR favorite YA books?:D



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Joint Review- Linger and Forever


I finished reading both Linger and Forever yesterday, and I tried to review them then, I just never got around to it.

To be honest, I won’t be able to summarize these. Since they are part of the Wolves of Mercy Falls series by Maggie Stiefvater, I can’t ruin these books for anyone who is considering them! I’ll do my best to say what I think without ruining it for everyone! If you’d rather read my review on Shiver, which kind of encompasses the idea of the series, click here.


This is the middle book in the series.  It is a semi-long book, and it dragged a little at times.  There are some new characters introduced, and we also learn more about the real depth of Sam and Grace’s love. Also, this sounds a little tough, but it almost seemed like this book was an unnecessary part of the series. I mean, sure, the characters grow and we add 2 more points of views to the chapters, but nothing really happens.  The whole book was building up to a certain event, which, if you have more brains than a wedge of cheese, you totally saw coming. And wanted to get it over with.

However, this series is good and you couldn’t skip this book, you wouldn’t understand Forever. So if you are reading the series, go ahead with this one, but this isn’t my favorite.


I really liked this book! Not as much as I liked Shiver, but I am happy with the way this ended. The author did a nice job of tying up all of the loose ends. I was left with a happy, satisfied feeling and I really enjoy that in books. I recommend it as part of the series, and overall it is worth slugging through Linger’s slowness to get to Forever!

I hope you enjoyed this kind-of review!

Update- Being finished with this series, I was ready to go back to reading The White Queen.  But when I started reading this again, I just couldn’t get into it. So now I am reading the Princess of the Midnight Ball instead! I loved the original story, so I can’t wait for this! Thanks again, Cara, for the suggestion!

P.S.- Shout out to my friend Casey, who thanks to me is newly obsessed with The Hunger Games! 😉


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