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Movie Review- The Lucky One

Despite my recent lack of reading (I haven’t picked up a book not for school in about 4 days *GASP*) I did see The Lucky One in theaters yesterday! I admit I had high hopes for the movie, because

a.) The book was great.

b.) Zac Efron is very hansome.

and c.) Overall, I like Nicholas Sparks!

Maybe I set my hopes too high, but I didn’t like this movie as much as I thought I would. It isn’t a movie that I would watch over and over, but I would recommend it!

If you want a synopsis of the book/ movie, click here.

Moving on the real stuff. Part of the reason that I waited until today to post this movie review instead of writing it yesterday is that I wasn’t quite sure of my opinion of this movie at first. To be honest, I still can’t totally make up my mind. But mostly, I enjoyed this movie.

As with all movies, certain sacrifices had to be made to fit the events into a short-(ish) run time. However, I felt like too many important events were skipped! There were many parts that I felt should have been included, but weren’t. I expected it to be closer to the book than it was. Although I can say that it could stand alone as a good movie if you hadn’t read the book, and that is always a plus!

Whatever happened to all of Nicholas Sparks’ books being set in North Carolina? I mean, really? Hampton, Louisiana? Jambalaya night instead of taco night? Whyyyyyyyyy!!

Compared to the book, my friend and I both agreed that they squished the first half of the book into a 20 minute segment, and then drew the rest out for another hour and 20 minutes! I realize that the first half is a little boring, and quite frankly romance free, but it seems unfair to the book.

The rest of the movie was great! The actors wear wonderful- although I wish Clayton had been portrayed in a more negative light. It was a quick way to pass a rainy day, and I can see why they call this a date movie. It is very romantic and can get sappy in places, but it still kept that unpredictability that surprised me in the book. The end was great, just like in the book. I recommend this book to those who appreciate a romance, but if not then this probably isn’t for you. 🙂

I finished Garden Spells by Sarah Addison Allen about a week ago. I don’t plan on writing a review of it, but if you want one tell me below. It was awesome, by the way! And I watched A Walk to Remember this afternoon! It made me cry, of course. But it still rocked! Definitely need to read the book now…. 😉

Have fun reading and movie- watching, everyone!



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Book Review- The Lucky One

Boy, did I love this book! I know it has been in my “currently-reading” Goodreads bookshelf to the right for a few days, but I only got more than a chapter in a few days ago!! I have been very busy writing (yes, writing 😉 more on this at a later date) lately that I haven’t had as much time to read! But like all Sparks books I’ve read so far, this one kept me hooked until the very end!

This is my favorite of his books so far! I STILL haven’t read his most popular ones, but this one seemed to break the norm of his books. I think it was still predictable (one of few flaws in almost ALL of his books) but a little less so than his others. The romance was good, but realistic still (being unrealistic- another one of those pesky flaws), to a certain point at least.

Endings are one of those things that I think Nicholas Sparks has a talent for. No matter what you say about the rest of the book, whether it be contrived, sickening, annoying, or repetitive(I’ve heard all of those), he really can write an ending. While he doesn’t always shake up the perfect happily-ever-after part, he gives you some serious suspense that keeps you on the edge of your seat for the last 100 pages at least!

As I stated in my review of The Best of Me not long ago, I read this book with the intention of watching the movie afterwards. Did this change the way I thought about the book? I don’t really think so, except that I saw Zac Efron in my head as Logan to begin with. There is nothing wrong with that because I can’t imagine them casting anyone else for the role. And, well, he is very handsome! 😉

They both are perfect! I promise I will do a movie review after I see it! I really hope that it isn’t a rip off, but if it is, you can count on me telling the world (and Internet!) about it! 🙂

For all of you Sparks-haters out there, no worries! I am taking a little break from him for a while. Right now, I am reading The Sugar Queen by Sarah Addison Allen. It has the makings of a really good one so far! A lot of people ADORE this book.  Book review coming soon!

Hope all of you enjoyed this!




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Book Review- The Best of Me

Hey guys! It’s been a while!

I have sped through a bunch of books lately, and this is just one of them! This is my second Nicholas Sparks book, other than The Rescue. I have to say, it seems like The Rescue isn’t one of his more well known books, and that there are better ones. I still haven’t read The Notebook or Dear John or Message in a Bottle, but I think those are next on the list! After The Lucky One of course, I’m reading that now. Can’t wait to see the movie!

OK, so The Best of Me is about a man named Dawson Cole and a woman named Amanda Collier. I know that sounds like a typical romance. You know, boy-meets-girl, boy-likes-girl, boy-and-girl-fall-in-love-the-end. This book is a lot more deep than The Rescue was for me. The ending is a huge shocker! And the kind of thing that made me have a headache because I was trying to decide if I should be feeling happy, sad, or both!!! I think both is the answer! I always enjoy those books that make me feel a billion emotions at the same time.

There are a lot of cool perspective changes, but it isn’t hard to keep track of! I love the imagery, and also how I can always finish a Sparks book in a few hours. Instant gratification! I almost cried with this one, but not quite.

This is definitely a do-not-miss book for any Sparks fan! I think it would be good if you have never read any of his other books too!

Happy Weekend everyone! I will probably talk to you again tomorrow!!!

Olivia 😀

P.S. I know not everyone is a Sparks fan( and I guess I understand the mixed reactions). So if you don’t like his books, I understand! No pressure.


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Library Awesomeness- Haul No. 2!

Yes, another Library Awesomeness Haul! 🙂 Spring Break is here where I live, and I am stocking up on some books! I’m also going to the used bookstore tomorrow, and Barnes and Noble on Sunday. Nothing says Spring like a BILLION new books to read!

I used to love the Chicks with Sticks series! I thought I’d re-read them, but considering as I already have a boatload of books, I just got the first! If you didn’t know, these books are about 4 teenage girls who happen to meet and form a knitting club!

I was browsing and found these. I LOVE Madeline L’Engle so I thought I’d take a leap of faith and get them. I’ve never heard of her writing any other books, although I should have figured! Can’t wait!

I have been wanting to read this ever since I first read a sample of it on my Kindle. As usual, though, I didn’t want to buy it in hardback and it is too new to be in a used bookstore. Oh, and it is too popular to get at the library. NOT! On the off- chance that I could get it within a few months, I requested it at my library. The next day, BAM! There it was!

This was recommended to me by Goodreads! 🙂

I saw this sitting on the shelf and recognized it from my to-read list! It seems like one of those modern classics that I really need to read to understand popular book culture. I realize this was published a few years ago, but who cares! Maybe I’ll even see the movie!

I have already started reading this and I really love it! The idea of the story is great, although the excessive strike-throughs are annoying sometimes. But you get used to it.

It’s been too long since I read this last!


Well, there you have it! Have you read these? Please comment! 🙂



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Book Review- The Rescue

Once I started reading “The Rescue” by Nicholas Sparks, I couldn’t stop. I can’t compare this to any of his other books, because I haven’t read any other books of his, but from what I see on Goodreads it isn’t his best one.  However, I quite enjoyed this. Once I started this, I laid in my bed for 4 straight hours and read. When I finally put it down, with puffy eyes due to my excessive crying, it was 1 AM. Greeaattt. On a school night. When I have to wake up at 6 AM the next day. Perfect. But it was worth it!

This book is about a woman named Denise who has a child named Kyle. Kyle has a speech problem- he is 5, but he talks like he is 2- or younger, depending on who he is talking to. She gets into a car accident, and several things happen. I don’t want to ruin it for you, but the man who rescues her is Taylor McAden, a volunteer fireman. Many things happen (and once again, I can’t tell you what!) but they fall in love! The question is- will Taylor break his bad habits of the past so that he can be with the perfect girl for him?

This is a very easy beach romance- type of book.  Like I said before, it took me about 5 hours of straight reading to finish this.  That is like nothing-  this book is 352 pages.  If you are looking for a book that is a quick read and a little bit of a tearjerker, yet still a romance that leaves you feeling satisfied, this is for you!

I am now reading both The White Queen and Shiver- from my Library Awesomeness Haul, and I am really enjoying them both. I hope everyone had a great weekend and a better than the usual terrible Monday!

I would love to read more Nicholas Sparks books! Give me your suggestions of his best!

Thanks for reading!

Olivia 🙂


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Used Bookstores- Friend or Foe?

Perhaps I’m a bit frugal.  But what can I say? As a teen without a steady job other than the occasional babysitting gig, I just can’t afford to pay 15 dollars and up for a book.  I am glad that I can get some free books on my kindle, and usually a library is OK but I really like to keep my books! So how do I get around this tortuous problem? I buy at used bookstores! Now don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Barnes and Noble. Whenever possible I shop there because brand new books are better than used ones, there is no way around it. But at the moment, I am enjoying the freedom of choosing 3, even 4 used books for around 15 dollars.

My relationship with used bookstores- especially my local one- is what I would call a love/hate relationship.  Being able to get many more books for the same price I would pay for one is so nice! But let me talk about my local store for a second.  As is understandable, they don’t have every book in stock, but it is very irritating sometimes, especially if there is only one book that you want. Plus, my store is organized very confusingly.  There are plenty of shelves and well marked signs, but that is the problem. There are so many “categories” you could call them- that you aren’t sure is a Phillipa Gregory book should be found in the Bestsellers section, or Historical Romance, or just plain Fiction.  (As a matter of fact, I found Phillipa Gregory books in Bestsellers AND Historical Romance) Also, there is no computer available to check if a book is in stock- you have to go to the checkout counter and ask manually- which stinks for them, because I usually have long list. 🙂

Other than these shortcomings, which mostly just apply to my local used bookstore, I am a HUGE fan of them and think they are great for people who love books but don’t want to pay full price.

Today I bought

The Other Queen by Phillipa Gregory (I really wanted The White Queen but they didn’t have it) 6..00- it is a slightly worn hardcover

The Rescue by Nicholas Sparks ( Once again, I really wanted The Best of Me, and they happened to have a bunch of Nicholas Sparks EXCEPT for the one I wanted.  I think maybe it is too new- it only came out in October)-4.00 and barely used

And a collection of American Short Stories- 2.40- brand new

I wanted to add a little bit to the end of this post about finding good deals on books.  I’d rather do this in the form of a list.

  • Check any local bookstores for good deals.  Most of the softcover books at my local one are around 2-3 dollars depending on the condition.  Also, some bookstores allow you to donate books to them and then receive credit to buy more books with. I do this frequently.
  • If possible, check a book out of a local library.  Even though you can’t keep the book, you have a much bigger selection and most of the time you can check out as many as you want!
  • Consider investing in a Kindle or other eReader. There are many, many books that are free, and deals of the day that allow you to get full price books for free. Also, books purchased on it will cost a few dollars less than a hard copy of the same book.
  • Look into online auctions such as Half.com which is created by eBay, but only for books and DVD’s etc.  Creating an account is very simple and purchasing even easier.  Most books are at least 1/2 of retail price and still brand new!
  • Do your research.  I always make lists of the books I might want to buy, and then explore what the world of WordPress bookies and Amazon reviewers had to say about it.
  • Compare prices of the same book at different stores before you splurge.  I often buy a book at Barnes and Noble, and then the very next day find it for half of what I paid at Target!
  • Have a book swap with a friend.  This doesn’t have to be one of those cheesy bookclub-ish things to make a big party of! The way I see it, you can keep their book for a longer period of time, and with much less enmity upon return because you know it will be in good hands.

Happy book deal hunting, everyone! 😀


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