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Book Review- Illuminate

This has to be one of my favorite book covers that I’ve seen! I devoured this book, although it took me a few days or so, because of its size. I have already added this to the my favorites page, and this is a book I can see myself reading more than once for sure!

This book is about a girl named Haven Terra who scores an awesome internship to work at a hotel in Chicago. I can’t even tell you how hard it is to simplify this, but basically Haven and her friends (the other interns) Lance and Dante find out that the people they work for are in the business of souls. Yeah… weird. Their bosses have ‘minions’ called the Oufit, who are people that have sold their souls to the Prince (i.e.- Satan) in exchange for everlasting beauty and youth. Until, at least, they have to go back ‘down’ to *cough* Hell/ the underworld. The bosses Aurelia and Lucian want to turn Haven, Dante, and Lance into members of the outfit, because they have been marked as sort of angels-in-training which makes them more powerful demons. They must fight, or half of their school will unwittingly join the Outfit on prom night.

I can’t tell you how hard that was to do! This book is gloriously complicated- I say glorious because I love a plot that keeps me on my feet. By the end, everything you think at the beginning has changed, people aren’t who you realize they are. I also enjoyed realizing little things that hinted about who the characters were and how they fit into the devils vs. angels theme. For example:

-The name Haven Terra. Haven is one letter away from Heaven, angels, wings and such. Terra means earth in Latin (but I’m no expert), like Heaven/ angel on Earth.

-Her friends name, Dante. As in Dante Alighieri, author of the poem Divine Comedy about Dante’s journey through Heaven, Purgatory, and Hell.

-Lastly, her boss’ name Lucian. That sounds a lot like Lucifer, which was the name of a fallen angel in the bible. Which is funny, because we find out *SPOILER* that Lucian actually used to be an angel.

I have no idea why these little things were included. Up to the author, I suppose.

It says on the cover that this book is part The Picture of Dorian Grey , part The Devil Wears Prada. I haven’t read The Picture of Dorian Grey (but I will in the near future), but from the Goodreads summary it seems like this book ripped off a true classic. That is my only issue. I guess I will have more of an opinion when I read them both. If you have read these two, I would love some thoughts on the similarities.

I actually read 3 books this weekend, and they were all great! It might take me a while to get to them all, but I will! Hope your weekend was fantastic!


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Library Awesomeness Haul- No. 5

I know it is pretty soon after my last library haul, but let’s face it. I read fast! I have a small-ish batch of piping hot books for you guys today! Dig in. 😉

I’ve heard a lot of great things about this book! The end of the blurb in the front cover reads:

…”In this epic new series, Anna Carey imagines a perfect future that is both beautiful and terrifying. Readers will revel in Eve’s timeless story of forbidden love and extraordinary adventure.”

I read a little bit of non-fiction come summertime. I like to learn, and my way of doing that without school is reading some non-fiction! The weird thing is, my mom had been planning to buy this book on her Kindle, and I ordered it because I wanted to read it as well! Crazy, right? Well, I’m letting her read it first. I have plenty of others to read!

Goodreads recommended this one for me. We’ll see!

The concept of this book is good! And I have been looking for fictional books about dealing with grief, so this was right! If you have any suggestions for fictional grief-related books, please comment! I would love some more ideas!

I have read a lot of classics, but not this one! And since I finished Illuminate a few days ago (Illuminate is extremely similar to this book, it seems) I decided I would check it out! I wasn’t intending to check it out, actually, but I had it in the back of my mind while at the library. While I was helping my little brother find books, I spotted my library’s classic section (which I had not known about until now). It took all of my self-restraint not to go crazy and get them all! So many that I want to read were there, but I settled for just this one!

I’ll try to review Illuminate before the weekend is over, I have a very busy week coming up! I’m a few pages into The Peach Keeper right now, and a little unimpressed. But with Sarah Addison Allen’s previous books in mind, that will probably change! 🙂


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Library Awesomeness Haul- No. 4

I picked up some books from the library last Saturday. I wasn’t actually going to post this, but I haven’t read that much in the past few days 😦 so I don’t have a book review for you! This one is only a few books, but it’s better than nothing, right?

As you guys have probably noticed, I’ve been more into writing lately. I have been picking up a few from the library each time I go, for a little professional help. There is no perfect ‘how to write’ book. But hopefully this book has some little gems in it. It looks like it was meant for little kids, but hey, you never know!

Another writing book, focused on making the first five pages of your novel great! Seems very useful, and this one isn’t tough to find like Spilling Ink!

I read a sample of this on my Kindle! It totally got me hooked, and I couldn’t wait to read it! My Goodreads says I am reading it right now, but that isn’t really true. I’m about to start it, I promise!

I found this book on Goodreads and added it without looking to much into it. (shame on me, shame, shame) The idea seems good on the surface, but it is one of those hit-or-misses if you ask me! Wings and fairies and all things supernatural are tough to get right. I really want to enjoy it, but you can be sure I’ll tell you about it!

Lastly is a book I have been waiting quite a while to read. If you remember a few weeks back, I read (and TOTALLY loved) two of Sarah Addison Allen’s other books: Garden Spells and The Sugar Queen. This is one of her most popular novels, so I can’t wait to read it!

That is all for this time guys! I’ll be back soon with a book review of one of these!


P.S. has anyone seen Dark Shadows? I was going to see it, but it seems to be getting very rough reviews. I would like opinions please! My mind is still open!


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