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Book Review- Cinder

I finished Cinder by Marissa Meyer a few days ago! This was one of those books that you sit down with, and get up 7 hours later with it finished, not having moved at all since you started. It hooks you from the very beginning, and the end certainly doesn’t disappoint!

As you can probably tell (if you are a regular reader, that is) I like fairy tale re-tellings a lot! It is hard to imagine a more creative way of writing Cinderella than having her be a cyborg, if you ask me! This book is set in post- apocalyptic China, where a terrible plague somewhat reminiscent of the Black Plague is sweeping the world. Scientists are hard at work to find a cure, while the government (including the handsome Prince Kai) is working to stop war between Earth and the Lunars. The Lunars are magical people ruled by a vicious royal family intent on marrying Prince Kai and taking over the world. A little ambitious, right?

Marissa Meyer is a fantastic writer! I just have to say that first. She has a way with words, but still keeps it interesting to teens and adults. I found the pace to be a bit slow for my taste, but it wasn’t Wuthering Heights slow either. The story was recognizable as Cinderella with the basic elements, but other than the few key parts (i.e.-evil stepmother, handsome prince, “shoe” coming off after the ball, etc.) it couldn’t have been more different! Cinder was easy to identify with, because unlike the original Cinderella she wasn’t portrayed as perfect. She recognizes her faults and still works to change them, but refuses to compromise her values.

The ending is a HUGE shocker, if you saw this one coming you are psychic! I can’t believe we have to wait a few years (I’m pretty sure it’s at least 1 1/2 years) from now for the second to come out! The ending leaves you wanting to know more.

One little thing, though. I was surfing on Goodreads and it appears there are going to be four in the series. And each one will feature Cinder and another fairy tale character or princess in a different setting. I like the idea of this at first, but when I think more about it, I’m wondering if Meyer will continue to tie up the loose ends she left in this story. In the sequel’s summaries there is a visible lack of Prince Kai, and I am worrying if Cinder will EVER get her happy ending with him. Ever. Some stuff hits the fan at the end of Cinder, and it doesn’t look too good for the two of them together.

Overall, this book is a win! Recommended to everyone, appropriate for all age groups! Hope you guys enjoyed this, Happy Almost Wednesday! Up next (tomorrow) Fever by Lauren Stefano.


P.S.  Book related hilarity courtesy of Figment.com!

Why does the protagonist of the Hunger Games frustrate firemen? – Because they hate to see a Kat stuck in a tree. And because she’s the girl on fire!

What can you say about the bumpiest witch? – she Hogswarts

If you told the author of Harry Potter a joke, what would happen? Rowling On The Floor, Laughing

I called every fan of these books I know and told them these. Seriously. I hope I made you laugh!


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Book Review- Stardust

I finished reading Stardust yesterday! I did not expect to like it better than The Princess Bride- but I did! I didn’t have high hopes for this one, it just seemed like another fairy tale. But it far exceeded my expectations and is definitely unique!

Stardust is about a boy named Tristan Thorn who is madly in love with a beautiful woman. She has no love for him, but one night when they see a shooting star, she promises that if he brings her the fallen star, she will give him anything he desires. Tristan goes on a crazy quest to find the star- but he isn’t the only one with an interest in the star. The story tracks not only Tristan’s, but many others’ quests to find the star through the wonderful, magical land of Faerie.

If I had sat down and read this book from cover to cover, it wouldn’t have taken me very long! It is a surprisingly quick read with easy yet beautiful language. It is nothing like any other fairy tale you have ever read. It certainly has some of the same elements of a traditional fairy tale- but the idea is entirely Gaiman’s own, and he wrote it with his special voice that we all love so much.

One thing I think I should mention is that I was very confused at first. It was hard to understand the frequent changes of characters at the beginning. And despite what you think, the person the story follows is Tristan’s father, not Tristan.  And the purpose of that is to tell the story of how Tristan came to be, if you know what I mean. 😉

Up until I read this book, I haven’t given you much information on the target audience for the books I review. I think now is a great time to start! Before I read this, I was checking out some reviews on Goodreads. This part of one particularly stood out:

“However, in attempting to write a “fairy tale for adults” Gaimon completely missed the mark. Apparently his idea of what makes a story “for adults” is generous sprinklings of gore, violence, and sex. Considering that the rest of the story is written with child-like simplicity these sections are jarring, to say the least. When I stumbled across the first somewhat graphic sex scene within a few dozen pages, I literally stopped to double check what book I was reading.”

While I have to disagree with the first part of this, the rest has a certain bit of truth. In certain parts, the violence is appalling! Nothing you can’t skim through… And the graphic sex scenes? Yes, they do exist, but maybe two times in the whole book. Again, nothing you can’t easily ignore. So while you can ignore these things, be prepared before you read it and I would only recommend it for high schoolers and up!

I think this is a great story that you can’t miss! I also really want to see the movie 😉

Hope you guys had a great weekend! You can look for a review of Cinder by Marissa Meyer next. It was great!




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Library Awesomeness Haul- No. 3

Ohhh yeah that’s right! I’m back for the 3rd time with a boatload of books that I’m tickled to share with everyone! This might just be my favorite batch yet!

I hate this cover compared to the others! But I am so excited to read this book! And see the movie afterwards of course 🙂 But it has that OMG- Olivia- this- book- was- made- for- you vibe to it! Reading this one first! Although, I’ll have to put it on hold tomorrow when Insurgent arrives on my Kindle!! (EEEEKKK!)

Also similar to The Princess Bride, and a quick glance through this had me hooked! I loved Neil Gaiman’s ‘The Graveyard Book’ but haven’t read anything else by him.

The sequel to Wither. Maybe she can sell me on this one, it seems like it improves from book to book. (now I’m wondering what the title of the 3rd one will be… can’t think of anything that ends in -er…)

Got this one on a whim. Maybe it will be good! But all of the highly- anticipated others come first! 🙂

I got the first 5 chapters of this for free on my Kindle, and I am HOOKED! I am so glad I have it now, I’ll be rushing to finish the others just to get to this. And have you ever SEEN a cooler cover?!

Yes, I know, another retelling. Of the 12 Dancing Princesses no less. What can I say, though? And I also think this one has a beautiful cover. It is a healthy size, but I’m not intimidated.

Anyone else find it hilarious that her last name is PROSE?! Oh, I crack myself up.


Well, there you have it! Possibly the greatest selection of library books OF ALL TIME. Or not. But I’ll love them anyway!

Talk to you guys more later! As you can probably tell, there will be maaannnyy reviews coming up! I’ll try to get one of Insurgent up ASAP!

Read until your eyes hurt! Then read more…




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