Amazing News! (plus- I’m Back, I Promise.)

Today, my amazing friend, CP, and all around confidante Amy announced her book deal with Greenwillow/HarperCollins. I am SO EXCITED for her that it hurts, and I hope you guys are too. Amy is an extremely talented writer and I hope you all will hop over to her blog or Twitter and congratulate her!

Secondly, I’d like to say that I’m back. The last few months have been insane, but instead of giving you a list of reasons that I haven’t posted a book review (or heck, even READ a book) in who knows how long, I’m giving you a list of things that did not happen but that in an alternate universe could be the reason for my long separation from you, my beloved reader.

-I was hit by a meteorite.

-I was struck by lightning.

-My frenemy threw a paper airplane at my face and hit me in the eye, ruining my ability to read properly.

-While getting brain stimulation as part of a secret government experiment, they stimulated the wrong part of my brain, and I have spent the past months un-learning Finnish and re-learning English.

-I was kidnapped by aliens.

-While re-reading one of my favorite books ever, The Book Thief, I was sucked into the storyline and had to live in terrible Nazi-Germany where there was nothing to read that wasn’t bland propaganda.

-The television show NCIS has hypnotic powers and I have spent the last half a year glued to my television.

I can’t wait to get back to reading, reviewing, and making you all laugh half-heartedly at my terrible jokes.



P.S.- in all honesty the last item on that list is more true than I’d like to admit.



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4 responses to “Amazing News! (plus- I’m Back, I Promise.)

  1. Fran

    Welcome back – we are excited for a new book review.
    Love Nana

  2. *throws confetti and stuffed narwhals in air (i think real ones would hurt)* Yay for Amy and so excited to have you back!

  3. So glad you’re back! That’s amazing about your friend, I’ll definitely check out her blog!

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