I’m Making Today ‘National Use Creativity to Heal Day’

As most of you probably know, yesterday a gunman opened fire on an elementary school in Connecticut, killing 7 adults and at least 20 children.

When I heard this news, I was more than broken. I was shattered. I was utterly useless to the world, stuck in my own little bubble. The fact that someone could shoot children…. I don’t think there’s a word in the English language that can capture the feeling sweeping over the nation today.
There’s a lot of talk about gun control and all that. And I applaud people who can take this pain and turn it into a movement to stop the world from experiencing this pain again. But I can’t help but feel that now is not the effing time for that.
The world is grieving, and so am I. I’ve always had a huge sense of empathy, one that becomes almost crippling when I experience it. I’m better today than I was yesterday, but better is simply a relative term. I will never, ever forget this tragedy.
But sometimes remembering is too painful. I’m absolutely not suggesting we forget that this happened, but a large part of healing from is putting it out of your mind for bits of time. When something like this happens, it plagues my brain so I can think of nothing else. And that isn’t healthy.
This brings me to the title of this post. I almost always deal with pain like this creatively. I can already hear the voices chorusing in my head, but I can’t be creative other than with words! Be creative however you have to. (i’ll also be making a more lighthearted post later on ‘How to be Creative’) I believe that the people of this nation and the world can slowly come to terms with this by taking a day, a weekend, a week, to do what gives them joy and to be calm. Through this we can honor the memory of all those lost, and in time, make changes to gun policy.
Life is fragile, so take the time to realize how much you appreciate it. I love you all.



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2 responses to “I’m Making Today ‘National Use Creativity to Heal Day’

  1. Children always express themselves most eloquently through the creative process. It’s why child psychologists always have crayons and paints and canvases laying around. What a child is incapable of expressing through their speech, they can express in a drawing. I think your decree is an excellent one–it will give all of our “inner children” an opportunity to express themselves.


  2. This is a really good idea. Thank you.

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