Book Review- Palace of Stone

Palace of Stone and Princess Academy are both full of little things that steal my heart, every time I read them. Like the little poems at the beginning of each chapter, or how beautiful the linder on their mountain is, the quarry-speech, the Miri-flowers, Pa, the goats, everything. And I love books like that. I still take these off my shelf when I’m sad and disappear inside them for a while.

This book is the sequel to one of my favorite books ever- The Princess Academy. I was positive that world was over forever, and then this story came out of the cracks and made me very happy. It didn’t feel unnecessary, or annoying, as some unexpected sequels do. It was more of what I loved when I was a kid, all these years later.

I won’t talk much about the specific plot, because it heavily relies on you having read the first (amazing) book. But let me just say, this book really was frosting on an already amazing cake. One of my favorite books and most prized possessions, Princess Academy is a must read for people of all ages! But I especially recommend it for young-ish/old-ish girls unsure of how they fit in the world or feeling hopeless. You’ll want to pass this one on to your grandchildren, I promise.

Here’s two little poems from the beginning of chapters. This one is one of my favorites.

“No small thing, a bee’s sting

When it enters the heart

Not so benign, the growing vine

When it tears a stone apart”

That’s the kind of stuff that I can’t help but recite under my breath sometimes. (I’m really bookish, I realize that, but no shame in liking poetry)

Hope your day is lovely like the open sky! 🙂


“Open sky, cat’s eye

Honey drop, treetop

Flag stripe, plum ripe

Pipe smoke, ancient oak

Pine knot, moon shot

Rose bed, raven’s head”


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  1. I agree with you! There is such wonderful world and character building in these books, and even though Princess Academy felt very complete, Palace of Stone is the perfect, unexpected sequel.

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