Book Review- Jellicoe Road


I am making it a life goal to read every single book Melina Marchetta publishes ever, because that’s how much I loved this book.

Jellicoe Road tells two tragic stories; one set in the present and one set in the past. They weave together in such a delightful way that you are emotionally invested in each one, and finally seeing the connection at the end shatters your heart. The present story focuses on Taylor Markham, who was abandoned at a Seven-Eleven on Jellicoe road six years ago. The past story focuses on five friends who attended the same school as Taylor does now; Narnie, Webb, Tate, Fitz, and Jude. 5 friends with a iron friendship only rivaled by the one several years later.

This book is set in the Australian bush (which is really awesome, except the author lives in Sydney so I have to wait extra time to get her new books!) Most of Taylor’s life and the life of her classmates revolves around a war with two other facctions (for lack of a better word) near their school. The Townies and the Cadets, which are pretty self explanatory. But when she’s elected leader of their school, she has to negotiate with the curious Jonah Griggs, a boy from her past and leader of the Cadets. She knows something happened with him, but her mind doesn’t quite let her remember.

This book…. I can’t put it into words, y’all. That’s how astonishing it was. I read this a week ago and I still can’t get the characters and their stories out of my head. Every single little detail means something, and has stuck with me all this time. I can’t get it out of my head.

Keep in mind that this isn’t only a romance. This is two stories, unbelievably interwoven, heartbreaking, beautiful, breathtaking, life-changing. This isn’t a book that you read to escape reality. You read this book to remember how blessed we are to have friends, to have love when we look for it, and to realize that sometimes pain makes the happy moments even sweeter. It’s an adventure. It will make you think it is a fantasy at the beginning, but you have to remember that it is real.

I felt different after reading this book. It might have something to do with the large number of tears that I had shed by the end of it. You know how sometimes, when you cry over a book, you feel awful afterwards? When I cried at the end of this for a couple of minutes, I felt refreshed. Like I had cried out the world’s problems. I was close to tears about 6 times over the course of reading this. It’s not a sad book per se, but sometimes you read something so beautiful and true that your eyes well up a little bit.

The one drawback is that the first 100 pages are ridiculously confusing. If you can get past it, it is so, so, SO worth it. Basically, you need to remember that

A) the italics are the past story, told in the form of a manuscript.

B) It is contemporary, not fantasy. Just keep that in mind.

C) Remember that everyone else is confused too, and that if you stick it out the rest of the book is completely unbelievable. The beginning is great too, just a bit cryptic.

Everyone, please read this. I’m afraid I haven’t conveyed how emotional a review and read this was for me. I cried, I burst into laughter, I melted. Like Kirsten Cashore, the romantic scenes are few but the type that make you believe in humanity, melt, cry, smile, dance, sing, and laugh. I picked it up thinking it was a light MG book, but there is not one person in the world that wouldn’t benefit from this book. It’s the opposite of preachy, full of everything lovely and broken in the world. You can’t lose with this read. I’m getting a copy as soon as possible and it will live on my shelf forever.

Hope your weekend is lovely. I’m afraid my reviews are more sporadic lately because I don’t have much time to read, but I’m doing my best. Head out and enjoy this book in the gorgeous (almost) October weather! {Wordpress is being a butt right now and won’t let me add a link, tags, or the cover photo. I’ll get it up ASAP. Sorry guys!}


“Hold my hand because I might disappear.”



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8 responses to “Book Review- Jellicoe Road

  1. I love this book too! I happened upon it at the library this past spring and then bought it a couple of weeks ago to re-read. It’s soooo good. Just everything about it is so good. Loved the review–I couldn’t agree more.

  2. Great review Olivia! I’m definitely adding this to my TBR list (not that it wasn’t on it before, but I’m moving it up). ^_^

  3. I was wondering about this book! I loved her book Finnikin of the Rock. It is an all time favorite! So maybe I should try out her other books. Great review girlie!

    • I love this book!! It’s really amazing, I hope you like it too! And thanks, G! I got Time Between Us back from you yesterday, and I’m going to try to finish Finnikin soon! Thanks for the lend!

  4. another book that I’ve heard about but haven’t read… Man, I have a LOT of catching up to do 😛 Great review, yet again. 😀
    Tehee ^-^ Hope you don’t mind all the comments throughout the blog, lol.

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