A Need So Beautiful

I’m not entirely sure what my expectations were for this book, but it surpassed them! It has a lot of hype surrounding it, but I think that hype is well deserved!

Since she was young, Charlotte has felt a Need to help people. Though it used to be infrequent, her Needs are happening with alarming frequency. Her Needs often bring her into dangerous situations she would not otherwise be in. While Charlotte accepts this fate for herself, she becomes increasingly frustrated throughout the novel. The Need allows her to help strangers, but not those who need her most; her best friend, Sarah, and her boyfriend Harlin. As time begins to run out for Charlotte, she has to choose between accepting the Need and her destiny to be Forgotten, and fighting it at all costs.

What a smart premise for a novel, I think. Angels have been done and redone SO many times it makes me sick, but this is different. I guess it’s because in the novel, Charlotte’s origin isn’t examined too much. It’s more focused on the effects of it on her, how she deals with identity. Charlotte fights against so much, especially her overwhealming desire to be remembered. If she continues fulfilling the Need, she will eventually vanish and be Forgotten forever. I can totally empathize with Charlotte, as I think many writers can. People tell me “You have your whole life to write books!” but part of being a writer is the urgency you feel, that you have to write it this instant!

The suspense was perfectly paced, while still staying totally unpredictable. It took me just a few hours to finish this book, but I was basically glued to it the whole time!! I didn’t see the end coming at ALL, and I’m dying for the sequel! (it looks even more popular than the first. since I know the premise, I’m interested to see what she does with it)

Harlin is totally swoon worthy! I often have a hard time getting really into books where the MC is already in a commited relationship. I’d rather see their relationship come to be. But the already formed relationship is perfectly heartbreaking for the novel.

A YA classic and must read for all YA fans! I’ve read better, but if you’re a YA lover, this one is not to be missed!!



P.S. The Giveaway is still going! And the highly anticipated book Origin by Jessica Koury is out today! I have a copy in the mail to me right now (thanks to my lovely friend Sarah from A Book Life!) and will be reading/reviewing ASAP!



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  1. Don’t forget to leave a link to the giveaway! đŸ˜‰ I like the new layout too!

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