Book Review- Bittersweet

I finished Bittersweet yesterday afternoon! Reading this book has been a great stress reliever for me the past few days. I started school on Monday, and up until today I’ve been insanely busy and pretty out of wack, too. When I start new classes, I always have a rough time at first. It doesn’t help that Chemistry is insanely hard. (it hasn’t even been a week, and I’ve had two labs, a quiz and I’ve got a unit test on Tuesday!) My birthday was Wednesday, but I kept forgetting because I was so busy. (thanks for all the birthday wishes, BTW! *blows kiss*) My point is, I’ve had almost NO time to read, but when I did, I was reading this lighthearted book about cupcakes and high school!

Hudson Avery was on the path to figure skating stardom. Olypics, sponsorships, the whole deal. But something awful happened on the night of a big competition, and Hudson backed out of the limelight. She gave it all up, and a few years later she’s stuck in the same small town, only dreaming of skipping town one day. She loves baking cupcakes, and is slowly adjusting to the idea of staying in tiny Watonka forever to run the family diner. But when a huge break comes and competing isn’t just a dream anymore, will Hudson go for it?

This book definitely could have gone down the path of Chick-lit. I really don’t want to write off that genre (and let’s be honest, that is such a sexist thing to call it) but this could have been a totally frilly-silly book with lots of cupcakes and kissing and unrealisticly perfect relationships. There is a time and place for that sort of book, but I was really happy when I didn’t find shallowness here! Sarah Ockler did a fabulous job of capturing the teen spirit. Hudson goes through some pretty rough stuff, and while she doesn’t deal with it perfectly, she deals with it the same way any teen girl would.  I’m not an expert on many things, but I definitely do know all about teens, being one myself. I feel that angst every day. Hudson is a crappy friend for a while, but she comes around in the end.

Speaking of which, I thought the ending was great! Lots of slow, building angst and then the perfect last minute solution! I love it! The writing was lovely to read, and funny as well! I laughed out loud many times! I really enjoyed this book, but there is some part of me that longed for something more. Not sure why, but that’s why I don’t read YA Contemp a lot of the time. Also, I saw right through a certain character. I can’t spoil it, but when you see something coming for the majority of the book, it’s hard to buy into it like everyone else.

 This book is about equal parts figure skating stuff and romance. I think that’s important y’all know before you read it, good or bad!

Recommending especially for contemp fans, cupcake fans, figure skating junkies, and all those who like cute hockey boys. 😉

Have a lovely long weekend, all!




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2 responses to “Book Review- Bittersweet

  1. Sounds pretty interesting, great review! I love the cover as well, it’s simple, but in a nice way. 🙂

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