Full Book Review- Bitterblue

The last post you got in your inbox (if you’re a subscriber) was a mess-up. Sometimes I mean to press the ‘save draft’ button and hit the ‘Publish’ button instead. So this is the real Bitterblue review. The entire one. 🙂

So, I finished Bitterblue a few days ago, but I’ve held off reviewing it until now for two reasons. One, I’m not sure how hard my new classes will be right off the bat. And two, this book was so AMAZING that I felt I needed to take a break in order for my review to be coherent. 🙂

It’s no secret that I am a HUGE fan of the Graceling series. Normally I don’t go for YA Fantasy, but gosh I just LOVE this series. Of course I wanted to pick up the third installment in the series as soon as it came out. But I don’t have a job or an endless supply of money to buy books with. Most of the time, I don’t buy books. It’s not that I don’t want to support authors (I really, really do!), it’s just that my budget is SO small, I usually only buy my VERY favorite books. That way I don’t waste precious book money.
Anyway, after that lengthy explanation, my point is, I would have bought this right off the bat, but I couldn’t afford it. So I got on the library waiting list instead, and recieved it last week.

I thought Bitterblue was the perfect end to a truly great series. Before I read this, I had a bit of a hard time relating to Po and Katsa from Graceling, but after seeing them 10 years later, I love them. And I’m even more in love with Po than I was before! Each one of Kirsten Cashore’s others in the series was amazing and beautiful and deep, but this one really tied up loose ends that I didn’t really realize were there. Not major ones, but like ‘I wonder if Katsa and Po will still be together after 10 years?’. That kind of thing. That doesn’t mean Bitterblue doesn’t have a good plotline as a standalone, but you really need to read it after you read Graceling and Fire. (in order- read Graceling, then Fire, then Bitterblue)

It’s hard for me to review a book that is reliant on you having read the other books without giving spoilers, so I’ll say this: Kirsten Cashore’s Graceling series is my favorite series ever. I never expected to love them as much as I did! Her books are an example of everything I’m looking for in a story, and I couldn’t be more pleased. Bitterblue is a fantastic end to a truly memorable set of books that I look forward to passing on to my children. If you haven’t read these, you must. For fans of Graceling and Fire, Bitterblue is an absolutely necessary read that will charm you as much, if not more, as the others.

Hope y’all enjoyed this review! I’m hoping to keep my regular pace up with reviewing as I start school tomorrow. I usually review more during the school year, but it takes me a few weeks to get in the groove and I’ve got some really tough stuff this year.

🙂 Olivia

P.S. this is a *super* tentative announcement that I *might* be going to YALLFest in November. Maybe. Possibly. Hopefully. 😉


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