If you liked….

I’m sure there are many posts like this out there already. Heck, this is basically exactly what Goodreads does. Sometimes, though, I have issues with Goodreads’ recommendations. As a whole, I LOVE Goodreads. But when you read as many books as I do, it’s hard to trust their recommendations. It’s hard to explain, but some books I like/don’t like are grouped into genres that I wouldn’t normally put them into and thus change what is recommended for me. Example: why exactly is The Tales of Peter Rabbit being recommended for me as a Young Adult book?

Anyway, I could have used a post like this a few months ago. I still could. So without further ado… “If you liked___, you might like___!” I’ll be using a lot of my favorite books, because frankly, they’re great!

If you liked

You might like…


If you liked…

You might like….


If you liked…

You might like…


If you liked…

You might like…

If you liked…

You might like….


And that’s all, folks! I hope this post was a little helpful to you! It’s kind of like my entire blog, condensed into one post. All of the books above are my favorites, and absolute must-reads for everyone!





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4 responses to “If you liked….

  1. eponareviews

    I loved Divergent! (Just bought Wither and am planning to buy ‘Under the neversky’) I actually also have bookmarked as an ebook but wasn’t sure if I should read it? This is cool though! 😀

  2. eponareviews

    No, I do not have ‘bookmarked’ I have ‘birthmarked’ aha! Books on the brain!

  3. Yamini

    This is kind of helpful. I’m always looking for specific type of books within every genre.

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