Book Review- Timepiece

Remember how I said Timepiece couldn’t possibly be better than Hourglass? Well, it wasn’t better, but it totally matched my love for Hourglass! I read it in, like, a day. Yesterday morning I was walking through Target bumping into things because I was reading and walking at the same time. (Yes. I’m that girl.)

I think I can summarize this one without giving too much away. This sequel is narrated from Kaleb’s point of view, unlike Hourglass, which was told from the point of view of Emerson. The Hourglass thinks there is something wrong with time. Now everyone with the time gene can see rips, and they aren’t limited to just people anymore either. An ultimatum is issued for the Hourglass- find Jack or time will start to unravel.

A lot of times, I have issues with the second book in a trilogy. Not all the time, thank goodness. But have you noticed how often, authors get so excited about writing the third and no doubt thrilling final showdown to their series, and then the second book just isn’t that good? Sometimes the middle books ends up being just a bridge, where almost nothing happens and it just connects the beginning and the finale into one big round triple book package? As impressed as I was with Hourglass, I was still scared it would happen with this series. BUT NO! Timepiece was just as impressive, action-y, adorable, romantic, funny, and heartbreaking as the first in the series! I am so thrilled!

Hearing the story told from Kaleb’s point of view was so cool. Of course he was awesome and kick-butt in Hourglass, but in Timepiece, you find out that Kaleb is deep, and emotional, and sweet! And obviously, seeing everyone’s emotions through his eyes is a neat experience. I think Michael is still the one I would fall for in the end, but I could totally settle for Kaleb. Totally. πŸ˜‰

Seeing Emerson and Michael’s romance from an outsider’s point of view was pretty awesome. And slightly torturous, because I wanted to be inside Emerson’s head very badly. Like I said, I have a crush on Michael. But seeing them the way everyone else does was neat, and I appreciate that approach more now. Kaleb has a romance of his own, by the way, and it’s super adorable. With someone we all know and love. πŸ˜›

This book took me on a wonderful emotional roller coaster ride. I am SUPER HOLY MEGA excited for Infinityglass, and the answer to everyone’s biggest question, (if by everyone you mean me), who will be narrating it!?!

If you haven’t already, get your hands on Hourglass or Timepiece! Don’t forget, Hourglass is only like 1.76 (or something like that) on Kindle! You have no excuse!

Talk to you later, guys!


P.S. Voting has ended and the Book Friends will be reading The Selection by Kiera Cass in August! Post here!



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2 responses to “Book Review- Timepiece

  1. Yay! So glad you liked it too. Can’t wait for Infinityglass!

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