Book Review- Hourglass

After a few days of reading mediocre-type books, I finally got my hands on something fantastic. This book was so great, and I connected with the story and the characters so well, it was like they were my real friends. (you’ve read a book like that before, right?)

Emerson Cole thinks she is crazy. Her life is all about avoiding ghosts of the past, and she’s the only one that sees them. She feels all alone, until she meets Michael Weaver. He understands, because he sees the ghosts too. And when he offers her a place at Hourglass, the choice seems clear. She has finally found a place where she is normal compared to those around her. But as her abilities come to light, so does an odd and fascinating connection with Michael.

SO GOOD, GUYS. Just be glad I’m not telling you that it is JKFNJNJSkjKSFKSNksfhuieaoJKSNJKLA. I can form words, mostly. I was so blown away by this! I expected it to be good, because it was strongly recommended to me by Gaby, who I trust entirely with book suggestions. But this! It was another late-night read, I’ll tell you that much.

Since it’s been about 16 hours since I finished this, I’ve finally got an idea of what exactly I loved about this book. Emerson is a great character. I heard someone on Goodreads call her too sad (she is depressed sometimes, and speaks of having been depressed in the past. But she has WAY more reason to be sad than you realize.) but I don’t think that is fair, because A) she has more than enough reason to be sad B) she doesn’t make it bad for those around her, she directs it inward to spare her brother and his wife C) the author made it feel real. It wasn’t excessive (one example that comes to mind is Bella moping around in New Moon), it made Emerson feel like a real, true character with a wide array of emotions. I wouldn’t have liked a character who was all sunshine, butterflies, and rainbows because that isn’t real.

The book plays out in a well paced way, enticing you enough with the characters to satisfy moments without as much action. The writing is perfectly balanced, beautiful, and reminds me of a less hardcore version of Laini Taylor. Michael is my new favorite fictional guy crush. He is so amazing and sweet and flawed and AHHH I just can’t explain it! I even love Kaleb, who was also totally swoon worthy. I am a little disappointed that the second book, Timepiece, isn’t from Emerson’s perspective, because I like her. Or Michael’s. 😦 BUT I am so excited to see what Myra McEntire does with Kaleb’s perspective. (I’ve been told Timepiece is even better than Hourglass, but I find that hard to believe.) We’ll see though, won’t we?

EDIT: This book costs 1.69 for your Kindle. I’d much rather have this book than a cup of Starbucks coffee. 😉

My verdict: I don’t want to go all fangirl on you, so I’m keeping my gushing inside for now. BUT OMG GUYS GO READ IT. *swoons*

And I’m done fangirling for now, I swear. As long as you read it. Pretty please.

Happy Reading!


P.S. I won an ARC yesterday from Ari Susu-Mago’s blog the Fuzzy Mango. I am going to receive a SIGNED copy of Breathe by Sarah Crossan. I’m VERY excited. VERY.

P.P.S.- and as I mentioned before, Gaby recommended this to me. Any regular reader of my blog would love Sara and Gabys’ as well. They are both so full of personality and obviously great book recommendations as well. Thanks a million times again, Gaby. 😀 (blog)



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  1. John Hansen

    Off to buy it… I thought you’d like it. 🙂

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