Book Review- Forbidden

So, you know when you have something so awesome that everything else after that pales in comparison?

For instance.

When you go to Disney World, you probably eat one of those chocolate dipped ice cream Mickey heads. It is no doubt delicious, but everything cold tastes good when it’s 100 degrees outside. When you come back home from Disney, you might eat another chocolate covered ice cream, because you are longing for Disney World. Even if they both taste the same, you’d probably wish you had the Mickey shaped one, because shapes are cool. Like dinosaur shaped chicken nuggets! You’ll wish you had the one from Disney, because you have been corrupted by the most fun ice cream treat ever, and will never enjoy ordinary ice cream again.

That sort of explains how I feel about this book. A lot of books, actually. When you read books that are really amazing (one of the plus sides of being a book blogger is that you hear about the best books!) you have a harder time enjoying books that are good. Because they just aren’t great. I liked this book. I had no idea I was going to! I read a mildly popular angel book after reading the best angel book on earth (well besides the Bible. Daughter of Smoke and Bone) and that probably wasn’t a good idea.

This book was very interesting, actually, and kept me hooked from a few chapters in. There were several (about 5 too many) scenes that were a LOT like Twilight, and that kept me from totally LOVING it. But they only last for about halfway through the book, and then it gets exciting and totally sweet. The romance is adorable, one of my favorites! The writing was… better than Twilight’s shabby stuff, but no doubt way below any adult’s (or *ahem* my) reading level. It would most likely bore any adult/older teen not interested in YA romance, but for a MG or teen reader, it’s great!

I didn’t feel like I connected with this book very much, but like I said at the beginning, they can’t all be amazing. You need good writing to make great writing truly stand out! I would recommend this novel to anyone looking for a quick, beach type romance/paranormal/angel type thing, and that isn’t deterred by MG style writing.

I finished Under the Never Sky yesterday, and WOW that book was awesome!!

Happy Reading!



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