Book Review- The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight

So, I really waited too long to review this book. My trip has really gotten in the way of my keeping reviews on schedule. But that doesn’t matter, I can get back on schedule now. It’s been about two weeks since I read this, but I haven’t forgotten it yet!

OK, that was not supposed to happen! Please be patient as I actually write this post! Stupid computer… *mumbles under breath*

I really disliked this book. I wish I could just skip the part were I summarize what it is about, but I feel like that is unjust to the book. This book is about a girl named Hadley who loves to have pity parties for herself- er… I mean, has an ‘awful’ life. A million things go wrong as she tries to get to her father’s wedding in England, to a woman she’s never even met. Not that I’m not acknowledging that sucks, but Hadley, SERIOUSLY, life gets much worse. You are lucky. Anyway, on the flight over, which she fully expects to be terrible, she meets a fabulously hot, well read in classic literature  English college guy. (OK, when you think about it, most girls would settle for ONE of those things, much less all!) Something about him and Hadley both rubbed me the wrong way. Oliver is just too perfect. And what kind of girl doesn’t pick up the hint that he likes her when he falls asleep on her shoulder?? How dumb can you be, really! And then that whole business of losing each other in the airport and fate helping them find each other? Well, pardon my language, but that, folks, was a bunch of BS. Fate? It wasn’t fate. It was a corny, trite plot ‘twist’ that used every trick in the book to make it seem believable, but still failed.

Most of you know quite well that I enjoy a good dose of corny. Princesses riding of into the sunset with their princes? Adorable. But every line in this book seemed planned, none even remotely realistic.

There comes a point sometimes where I say to myself: “Wow. I wish I had read my own review of this book before reading it.” These are the times when I am glad I have bookie followers who I can warn from terrible books. The bottom line of this book is:

The Statistical Probability of Love At First Sight was not worth the hype. Overrated, trite, boring, and the type I had to skim through the last pages just to save myself from dying of boredom.Pplease don’t read it. A waste of time. On top of it all, the title has almost nothing to do with the book. Fail.

And there you have it, folks. The cold-hard truth, told through the mouth of a teenage girl who has better things to read.

Happy Sunday! (also, Happy Canada Day, although that means nothing to me! still!)


P.S. 2 exciting things happened to me today! 1) I am now and advocate for Adam from Shatter Me in the YA Crush Tournament. More on this later! Also, I signed up to get my 2 first ARC’s! So happy, guys…

P.P.S. The ‘romance’ in this book needs quotations, it’s so fake. That is all.



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4 responses to “Book Review- The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight

  1. mollyspring

    Won’t bother reading this one! Thanks for the warning.

  2. Love you for writing this review! I liked the title and the cover which usually means it’s a book I’ll end up buying at some point, but now I can save myself the trouble of a wasted reading experience, so thanks!!

    • Aww how sweet! I love hearing comments like this! I’m happy to have saved you the time, and also happy that you trust my judgment. I’m glad you didn’t read it. It’s one of those moments (that subliminally rings of Twilight) like “how does crap like this get published exactly?” 🙂

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