Book Review- I Am The Messenger

All I can do is apologize profusely, guys! The last few days have been… crazy, to say the least! I finished this book Sunday night and have been literally FIGHTING to review it ever since. Monday, the roofers came at 7 AM and didn’t leave until dark, so I was out for the whole. entire. day. Today I had library volunteering until 12, then lunch, and when I got back home the Internet for our whole neighborhood had gone out! It just started working again….

Hopefully you see what I mean! Crazy…. and I’m leaving for vacation for a week on Saturday. I’m still trying to find a way to post while I’m there, but it looks extremely unlikely. So I’ll be taking a week-long hiatus, no matter how it pains me. HOWEVER I will be tweeting live from The Happiest Place on Earth, if you’re interested! (if you can’t figure that out,it’s Disney World ;))

Now the review. This book was awesome! I am a pretty big Markus Zusak fan, ever since I read The Book Thief (highly recommend!). I haven’t read anything else by him, but this book just reinforced his genius in my head.

This book is about a very simple guy named Ed. He is average. He drives cabs. His friend Marv has a big mouth and he loves his friend Audrey. Everything is mediocre for Ed until the day he stops a bank robbery. A few weeks late, he receives a playing card in the mail with 3 addresses written on it. At each of the addresses is something that needs to be fixed, that only he can fix. The clues range from simple to ridiculously complex, and the cards don’t stop coming. Sometimes the card has an address. Sometimes a book or movie title. Ed has become the messenger through the cards, and he is finally discovering who he is. But he has to discover the biggest question first: who is sending the cards?

This story is so intricately woven, it is hard to believe. Every little piece fits in the puzzle so perfectly, but it is still totally realistic. It actually reminds me a lot of the TV show Touch. If you have seen it, you’ll know what I mean. But if you haven’t, then well, you should watch it! It is great, but a lot less believable than this book. Ed is totally hilarious (His dog’s name is Doorman ). The ending is very… I’m not sure. Weird, I guess. It makes me want a sequel. But the rest of the book entirely makes up for it! I’m definitely looking for more Zusak books after this!

I recommend this to everyone!!! It should not be missed. High schoolers and up do to a little sex and rape.

Happy Reading, my darlings!




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4 responses to “Book Review- I Am The Messenger

  1. I am excited about this book! Gonna pick it up, sounds so clever and interesting. AND because I love books as much as The Happiest Place on Earth, I EXPECT tweets and pics! Share the love! I will be there in September!

    • I’m glad! I look forward to reading your review of it 🙂 It is so cool that you love Disney World as much as I do! Add that to the list of things we have in common haha!! Keep your eyes peeled for some tweets and pics! I think it is about time I showed my face to ya’ll! 😀

  2. The only problem with this book was the epilogue, which felt like it was preaching the theme of the book a little too hard, otherwise, the book was perfect. I also agree that it’s a book everyone should read, just to see how easy it really can be to make someone’s day, or even to change their life.

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