My Welcome Back Present!

I’ve been gone much to long, you guys! I miss doing book reviews, but the good news is that school is over! I have an abundance of time on my hands and I’m ready to read!! (and write :))

I’ve been nominated for the Reader’s Appreciation Award by Poetry by the Clueless! It is an award that you give to your favorite and most loyal readers! Personally, I think my fantastic readers enjoy more kudos, so thank you, Poetry by the Clueless!

This is Poetry by the Clueless’ blog. Let me just say that there is a reason I comment on her posts so often! She is a wonderful poet. One of the best I’ve ever read, actually. (and that includes older poets too, so this is a big deal!) Every word is in just the right place to make you understand emotions and circumstances. Please check it out!

Now I nominate 6 readers of my own!

1. Cara from This Little Light : Cara is amazing! She has been there for me from the very beginning (literally, I think she first commented on day 3 of this blog’s existence). Every time we have a conversation, she is nothing but encouraging and uplifting. One of the sweetest people I have met through my blog, for sure! Her blog is also great, a combination of books, crafts, faith, and life experiences. (I dare you to find a better combo than that!)

2. Mandy from Good Girls Inc.– Like Cara, Mandy has been a reader for a long time! She always has something nice to say, and seems to take my book advice seriously. (and as an avid reader, nothing is cooler :)) Her blog focuses on ‘good girl’ things like fashion, books, and romantic movies. Any girly-girl would enjoy it!

3. Gaby from Two Readers Writing– I can always count on an interesting second opinion from Gaby! We have very similar tastes in books, so I am looking forward to more opinions and recommendations! Another intriguing blog with great book reviews. 🙂

4.Lauren from Thoughts on my Bookshelf– A fellow book blogger, Lauren comments frequently! I am always excited to hear what she thinks of my reviews/the book.

5. Molly Spring from Molly Spring Writes– her comments remind me a lot of my own! Always supportive but brutally honest when critiquing the book. That is the mark of a great blogger in my opinion!

6.I do this quite frequently with awards. You see, I can’t always think of all (6, 10, 12, whatever) people that the award requires. So for this last nomination, I dedicate this to all of my ‘real world readers’. Silly, because you all actually exist, but I’m talking about my friends and family. So many of them read every single post of mine, even the non-bookish! I feel so honored! So here it goes! Thank you so much : Mom and Dad, little Mitchell, Nana and Pop, Molly, Casey, and my now-Divergent-mega-fan-friend Meghan! You all mean so much to me!

On that note, even if you weren’t nominated, I love you all! Thank you for the support! 😀

have a fantastic rest of your day, everyone!




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10 responses to “My Welcome Back Present!

  1. Wow…tear… I can not tell you how honored I am! Really Thanks!

  2. Olivia, I am much obliged to you! This award and the kind, kind words in which you spoke of me truly touched my heart. You, too, are a light, my friend. I appreciate you for thinking of me, and do, I assure you, look forward to what “Olivia’s Opinion” is on this and that. My Goodreads, as well, thanks you for the time in which you save us!
    Happy Wednesday, love!

    ~ C

    • I am obliged to you as well, Cara! You encouraged me when I was just getting started, when I needed it most. I am honored that you consider me a light for the Lord! It is hard, when I don’t talk about faith outright.
      My Goodreads thanks you too! Many of the wonderful books I’ve read and reviewed were borrowed from your Goodreads feed. 😉

      • You are most definitely light, Olivia. I think more often than not, it is not those who speak outright about their beliefs, but those who live their lives accordingly; demonstrating their faith by what they say, how they treat people, the language they use, the kindness they impart on others. Those things are light; not hissing sententious doctrine or spitting parables at people. While I would of course encourage you to speak of your faith when the Lord asks it of you, I do not think He is desirous of insincere platitudes. I think He only asks that we be available for His good. 🙂

        Have a fantastic weekend, Friend.

        ~ C

      • :’) That is so sweet of you to say. You are very, very wise! Thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words!

  3. mollyspring

    Thanks for the shout out, Olivia! I’ll be checking out the other readers you follow, too. I always am interested in what other people are reading!

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