Classic Awesomeness Mini Haul

Hey guys and gals! Since I am slowly trekking my way through The Picture of Dorian Gray right now, I’m posting a haul that isn’t anywhere near as big as usual. I’m picking some books up from the library this weekend, so library haul number…. 5? 6? is coming up soon as well. I’ve been reading so many good books lately, and there is no sign of the flow of cool books stopping! It has only been 3-ish months since I started this blog, but I can’t wait to continue making new friends on here and writing more about books! I appreciate all of my wonderful readers for views, comments, and following, and supporting my book obsession and other quirks. 🙂

This is the first of my summer reading books this year. When I saw that they wanted us to read the abridged version, I was angry! Abridged versions irritate me, but considering that the reason they want us to read the abridged is because of the length, it is different this time. I haven”t ever read this, but I’ve heard it is very good!

Also on my summer reading list. I am lucky enough to have an English teacher that shares a lot of book interests with me, and she recommended this one to me specifically! I’m taking her word on this, but I’m sure I’ll love it!

This is possibly the funniest Shakespeare play ever. I just had to pick up a copy! 🙂

Well, that is all! Sorry that was so small, I’ll hopefully have another post soon!

Happy Reading! 😀




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2 responses to “Classic Awesomeness Mini Haul

  1. mollyspring

    Those are some great classics! Happy reading.

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