Help my friend pursue a dream!

Hey guys! I’ve got a little call to action for you today!

My friend and fellow book blogger The Dandy Lion (Free Page Numbers) has recently gotten accepted into New York University! She lives in Australia, so this is a huge opportunity and a dream come true for her! Because of this, however, she can’t take out a loan, and the tuition is 60,000 dollars a year! She has other options, but would really like to pursue this dream if possible!

I am passing on a post she made recently, asking for ideas to raise money. If you have any suggestions for her to raise money for this, comment here or head over to her blog! She appreciates anything!

She did set up a Go Fund Me account, so if by any chance you would be willing to donate, click here!

Don’t feel obligated to donate, but I just thought I’d continue to put the word out there!

Again, if you have ideas, comment! Tweet, Facebook, or blog this link if you so choose!

Thanks for reading, guys! I’m a few chapters into Birthmarked and it’s GREAT!





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4 responses to “Help my friend pursue a dream!

  1. You are a legend! Thank you ❤

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