Book Review- Entwined

Yes, yes, I know. This is what, the third fairy tale retelling? I don’t care! I am so happy that I read this! If you follow me on Twitter, you might have seen a tweet from me that said I was a little bit in and hated it! This is unfortunately true, I wanted to quit for about the first half of the book. But I stuck through it so that I could fairly review it, and I am very glad I did.

This is a retelling of The Twelve Dancing Princesses. This isn’t the most well known fairy tale, but it was one of my favorites when I was a little girl! Another retelling of this story is one of my favorites: Princess of the Midnight Ball by Jessica Day George. Review here. It is basically about 12 princesses who are bound to dance every night in an underground kingdom, and a man who comes to free them but falls in love with one of the princesses in the process. Each version of this story that I have read so far has had a different take on it! This particular version had not only one, but 3 romance stories. (the perfect amount, mind you, not sickening at all. very natural) It was also more involved as far as dark magic goes than the versions. In the others, not much of the magic was explained, but now I understand all of it! This version has quite a bit of girl- power in it, and I learned a lot about each of the 12’s personalities.

There were 2 things about this book that I was not pleased with. The first is its sheer size. Compared to most other books teens read, this book is a 472 page beast. It took me a few days to read it, but if you are willing to put in the time for this book, you won’t be sorry! The other thing is, like I said before, I didn’t like this book at first. I can’t explain why. I think it might be that it takes a few chapters to get used to Azelea (the main character) ‘s voice. Once you are about halfway through this book, though, it feels impossible to stop. The author is great at bonding you to the characters and giving you a personal connection with each one!

Overall, this is a wonderful read! I liked it better than Princess of the Midnight Ball 😉 and even that surprised me! The characters are deep and beautiful, and I hope everyone reads this book!!!

Hope you guys are having a great weekend, and Happy Mother’s Day too! Library Awesomeness Haul no. 4 soon!

😀 Olivia



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6 responses to “Book Review- Entwined

  1. Very nice review, Olivia. And way to stick it out to the end. I don’t have it in me to do that very often.

    • Thanks Cara!! I kept telling myself “Don’t stop! What kind of book blogger would you be if you reviewed a book you didn’t even finish?!” and that convinced me! 🙂 Happy Mother’s Day, by the way!

      • Ha! Very true! As a reviewer, you must give every book its fair chance.

        Aw. Thank you . . . My sweet dog-child and I are having a lovely morning. Perhaps someday I’ll add a human baby to the mix. 🙂

      • I try! And aw, I wish I had a dog-child! I am allergic to pretty much everything on the planet (foods and animals, though thankfully no lactose intolerance or Celiacs disease) so a dog is out for me! Enjoy your adorable doggie, Cara!

  2. I have had this on my To-Read list for a while. Thanks for the review, I need to grab it. Yay!

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