Book Review- Insurgent

Wow. I really liked this book! (I knew I would, but this just solidified it!) It took me about 7 hours of reading on my Kindle yesterday to finish it, so although I don’t know the actual size I bet it’s pretty big!

I am not going to summarize this for you, because it is the second in the series and I don’t want to spoil anything. But all of the characters become more deep, you are constantly wondering who is spying on who and who is going to die next, and Tris and Tobias’ relationship evolves quite a bit. Their relationship goes through many rocky moments (I found myself saying “Suck it up and make up already! The world is too dangerous for you two not to be together!” many times) but I understand that the hardship makes them stronger as a couple. I also noticed there was NOT a love triangle, at which point I said “Oh, thank goodness!!” It was the type that keeps your stomach in knots for the whole thing, especially the end! I think the ending of this book was very well done, it left me thinking about what it meant for hours and longing for book 3, which is a great quality! I couldn’t put this book down since I started it, especially for the last couple chapters.

There were a few things that I disliked about this book, however. (hence the 4 stars instead of 5 on Goodreads) The relationship troubles made me on edge, because I felt like I was intruding on a personal disagreement. And that is a sign that it was realistic, but I really hate when couples fight. Another thing is that it dragged in a few places. Sometimes there were several Kindle-pages (I keep my font huge) full of description that I just flipped through because it seemed unnecessary. I wasn’t a huge fan of the violence, either. But considering the violence is a key part of the plotline, especially the second book, I can deal with it!

Overall, this was a fantastic book! A great sequel to Divergent even if it wasn’t quite as good, and the end left me CRAVING more! If you haven’t read Divergent yet, then do so! But if you have, you can’t miss this. 🙂

Read like there is no tomorrow!


P.S.- I have the hugest fictional character crush on Tobias (Four). Literally, as much as a girl can crush on a nonexistent guy without it getting weird. Love him! ❤ 😉

Did you like this as much as I did?



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3 responses to “Book Review- Insurgent

  1. Thanks! I just bought DIvergent on a whim (flashy book covers are so attractive), now I’m excited! 😀

    • I LOVE the Divergent book cover…. and I hope you will like it! This series is so good, I would seriously consider getting a tattoo of the Dauntless flames (Divergent cover) or the Amity tree (Insurgent cover)!!!!! Make sure to comment and tell me what you thought after you read it! Thanks for following! 🙂

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