Book Review- Before I Fall

If you follow me on Twitter, you probably saw that I read this book yesterday. Devoured is a better word! I had a gut feeling that I would enjoy this book- and I was so right!

Before I Fall is about a teenager named Samantha Kingston who has everything. She does normal popular-girl high school things like parties, etc, but one night on the way home from a party, Sam and her friends get in a car crash. Sam dies that night, but she wakes up the next morning- or the previous morning anyway. She relives the day she dies 7 times. Every day is different, and she has to decide why this is happening to her. Is she supposed to save her own life?

This book examines a lot of big questions in a subtle and bearable way- life after death, popularity, relationships…. I would say that I loved this book, but I didn’t. I really liked it, I would probably read it again, but it’s not one of my favorites. I think the subject matter in this book kind of turned me off. I am not a huge fan of death (obviously!)but also lots of drugs, drinking, smoking, and crazy parties. There was just a huge amount of these things and they were impossible to ignore because they showed up on almost every page.

I did like the realistic voice of Sam, she has the same feelings and worries as the typical teenage girl. You could say that this is a bad thing (and it sort of is at the beginning) but by the end, she is way more deep than you expect.

I think this is a book every young adult fan should read! Now I really want to read Delirium and I downloaded a sample on my Kindle! As always I’ll keep you posted- I should be getting a bunch of good books into the library soon! I’m already tingling with anticipation 🙂

Happy Reading!




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3 responses to “Book Review- Before I Fall

  1. mollyspring

    I read Delirium first, and while I liked Lauren Oliver’s style, I was disappointed in the dystopian element, which I thought was underdeveloped. I’m interested to check out her contemporary fiction, and the death and potentially unlikable character doesn’t turn me off. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

    • Hmm… I am still excited to read it, though that is disappointing! I can’t wait to share what I thought of it with you and everyone. 🙂 It is also good that you aren’t turned off by that, some of the greatest books have unreliable or unlikable narrators.

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