Book Review- The Lucky One

Boy, did I love this book! I know it has been in my “currently-reading” Goodreads bookshelf to the right for a few days, but I only got more than a chapter in a few days ago!! I have been very busy writing (yes, writing 😉 more on this at a later date) lately that I haven’t had as much time to read! But like all Sparks books I’ve read so far, this one kept me hooked until the very end!

This is my favorite of his books so far! I STILL haven’t read his most popular ones, but this one seemed to break the norm of his books. I think it was still predictable (one of few flaws in almost ALL of his books) but a little less so than his others. The romance was good, but realistic still (being unrealistic- another one of those pesky flaws), to a certain point at least.

Endings are one of those things that I think Nicholas Sparks has a talent for. No matter what you say about the rest of the book, whether it be contrived, sickening, annoying, or repetitive(I’ve heard all of those), he really can write an ending. While he doesn’t always shake up the perfect happily-ever-after part, he gives you some serious suspense that keeps you on the edge of your seat for the last 100 pages at least!

As I stated in my review of The Best of Me not long ago, I read this book with the intention of watching the movie afterwards. Did this change the way I thought about the book? I don’t really think so, except that I saw Zac Efron in my head as Logan to begin with. There is nothing wrong with that because I can’t imagine them casting anyone else for the role. And, well, he is very handsome! 😉

They both are perfect! I promise I will do a movie review after I see it! I really hope that it isn’t a rip off, but if it is, you can count on me telling the world (and Internet!) about it! 🙂

For all of you Sparks-haters out there, no worries! I am taking a little break from him for a while. Right now, I am reading The Sugar Queen by Sarah Addison Allen. It has the makings of a really good one so far! A lot of people ADORE this book.  Book review coming soon!

Hope all of you enjoyed this!





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8 responses to “Book Review- The Lucky One

  1. I got about half-way through this book, and then wasn’t able to renew it again an chad to return it to the library. I don’t know . . . for whatever reason, there wasn’t enough incentive to push me toward recheck it out. I absolutely ADORE N.S.’s stories — The Notebook, A Walk to Remember . . . –, but I am not so much a fan of his writing style. I am, however, super excited for the movie! I agree; Mr. Efron is a very handsome young man! I think he will do well portraying this character. Loved him in Charlie St. Cloud.

    Thanks for the review, Olivia!

    P.S. SO glad to hear that you are reading The Sugar Queen! One of my favorites. 🙂


    • You’re welcome! 🙂 Maybe you should give it another try, it gets better. Lately whenever I suggest this to friends, I tell them to read the first chapter then skim until the animal shelter! ( I need to edit that into my post!) I am super excited to see the movie! I reeeaaalllyy need to read some of his other books! But Safe Haven is first on the list!
      One of the reasons I decided to read Te Sugar Queen was that I saw you gave it 5 stars! I’m liking it so far!
      You’ll have to tell me what you think of the movie! 😀

  2. Fran

    Great review Olivia. Am excited to see this movie after reading your comments.


  3. I loved this book and can’t wait for the movie. This was my favorite Nicholas Sparks novel that I’ve read so far. Also really liked The Choice and The Rescue. Oh, I’m reading Fire right now thanks to one of your book reviews and like it so far! Thanks for another great recommendation! 😉

    • Cool! It is my favorite so far too!! WOOP WOOP!! It always makes me very happy when someone likes a book they read on my request! Please comment when you are done and tell me how you liked it! 🙂 You are so welcome!

  4. Okay . . . I may just give it another shot 🙂

    Yay! So glad you are enjoying the read. You should know I am VERY selective about what books I rate 4 and 5 stars. If I do, it’s rare, and because I absolutely loved it.

    I will! You let me know how you like it, too!

    • I can tell by looking at your updates that you are pretty tough with your ratings! That’s why I knew it must be great if you gave it 5 stars! 😉 And I’m reviewing it soon, I stayed up late last night to finish. SO GOOOOD!!!! 🙂

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