Library Awesomeness- Haul No. 2!

Yes, another Library Awesomeness Haul! 🙂 Spring Break is here where I live, and I am stocking up on some books! I’m also going to the used bookstore tomorrow, and Barnes and Noble on Sunday. Nothing says Spring like a BILLION new books to read!

I used to love the Chicks with Sticks series! I thought I’d re-read them, but considering as I already have a boatload of books, I just got the first! If you didn’t know, these books are about 4 teenage girls who happen to meet and form a knitting club!

I was browsing and found these. I LOVE Madeline L’Engle so I thought I’d take a leap of faith and get them. I’ve never heard of her writing any other books, although I should have figured! Can’t wait!

I have been wanting to read this ever since I first read a sample of it on my Kindle. As usual, though, I didn’t want to buy it in hardback and it is too new to be in a used bookstore. Oh, and it is too popular to get at the library. NOT! On the off- chance that I could get it within a few months, I requested it at my library. The next day, BAM! There it was!

This was recommended to me by Goodreads! 🙂

I saw this sitting on the shelf and recognized it from my to-read list! It seems like one of those modern classics that I really need to read to understand popular book culture. I realize this was published a few years ago, but who cares! Maybe I’ll even see the movie!

I have already started reading this and I really love it! The idea of the story is great, although the excessive strike-throughs are annoying sometimes. But you get used to it.

It’s been too long since I read this last!


Well, there you have it! Have you read these? Please comment! 🙂




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7 responses to “Library Awesomeness- Haul No. 2!

  1. I really loved The Secret Life of Bees and think you’ll like it! I want to know how the Nicholas Sparks book is…might need to add that to my to-read list!

    • Cool! And you can count on a review for all of the above, as long as I get around to them! Sometimes it is a lot of work to read and post as often as I do, but I like it! It keeps my mind busy!
      🙂 Olivia

  2. I ust borrowed secret life of bees from my friend! What a coincidence! I even have the movie if you wanna watch it after you read the books!

  3. I’m reading Pride and Prejudice right now. I find it quite interesting. The language is difficult to get used to, however.

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