30 Day Book Challenge: Day 19- Book that turned you off

Alright, I changed this one a little. I have yet to find a book that actually “turned me on” so I’ve changed it to “turned me off”. Two completely different ideas, I know. I’m sorry! 🙂

People are going to hate me for this, I know. But I get a strong feeling of, I don’t know, repulsion or something from this book. From when I first heard the concept for this book, I have not wanted to read it. For one thing, it sounds very depressing. I just can’t handle depressing books, believe or not they make me depressed too, even for a short while! Why would I read about the reasons that some poor girl decided to kill herself?

Also, my friend Casey finished (well, “skim-read”, we call it) this book today and she hated it! Apparently, the reasons stink. Who are we to judge that kind of thing, but this book keeps getting a worse image in my head. Lastly, I have been looking at some reviews on Goodreads and saw one that the first sentence is:

“I liked the idea of this book more than the execution.”

Is this a theme with Jay Asher, or what? I mean, I felt the exact same way about The Future of Us! I wish I could re-write the story on my own! Except that I didn’t like the concept of 13 Reasons in the first place, so….

That is my two cents. I realize many people adore Jay Asher and his books, but one thing is for sure. I DON’T!

Apparently there is a movie of this coming out with Selena Gomez. Yay. *sarcasm*

Sorry to all of you folks that I offended, because I know there are some. But I still would love to hear your opinions on this! 🙂




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4 responses to “30 Day Book Challenge: Day 19- Book that turned you off

  1. Yea I watch Megan & Liz on YouTube, which is where I heard about this book and they were talking about it becoming a movie with Selena.. Hmmm

  2. Couldn’t get into Lolita, it was creepy…duh 🙂

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