Book Review- The Future of Us

As you all know, I have been reading The Future of Us by Jay Asher and Caroline Mackler for the last few days. I had kind of figured before I picked this up that it would be good because they are both already very successful YA authors. The whole idea of the book fascinated me; I mean, what would YOU do if you got to see your Facebook profile 15 years into the future, but Facebook hasn’t been invented yet??

That’s what happens in this book. Emma and Josh discover it together on their ancient *GASP* desktop computer, which was the coolest technology back then. Every time they refresh the page, their futures change. But when things start to go wrong, is it safe for them to try to change the future? Oh, and they’re kind of in love too. But they won’t admit it. 🙂

So, I had really high hopes for this book, and I was a little disappointed. It turned out to be one of those books that the theory gets you excited, but the way that the author(s) made relationships and the plot worked out. It seemed a little predictable, and the story dragged for 95% of it! Most of the plot was high school drama (hey, I get enough of that every day, right?) and was even more about relationships and who’s-dating-who than the Facebook thing. Hey, I know no book is perfect, and some people really enjoyed this book, but it just wasn’t for me.

I don’t think I recommend this, but if it sounds interesting to you, you might want to check it out anyway.

Read this? What did you think?  😀 Oh, and I would looovvveee some recommendations as always! But no pressure!




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