Book Review- An Abundance of Katherines

I loved this book so much! It was the first book that I have read by John Green! I was so excited to read one of his books because everyone seems to love his books, and I am a fan now too!

This book is about a child (well, he is 19) prodigy who has dated and been dumped by 19 girls, all named Katherine.  After Katherine XIX dumped him on the night of their high school graduation, he feels lost. To find himself, he goes on a totally random road trip with his best friend Hassan. Well, sort of a road trip. They make it all the way to a no-town place called Gutshot, Tennessee, and then a couple of things happen that I can’t tell you about. But everyone ends up changed!

This is a very funny book. Looking at it, it looks kind of lame-ish and like a science/math book. But really, there are many useful tidbits of information in it along with hilarious jokes. The plot is interesting too! If you have issues with romance books that seem to occupy teen fiction these days (don’t get me wrong, I love teen romances) then this is OK for you. There is some romance, but not a nauseating amount.

I really enjoyed this book. From what I can tell so far, John Green writes very, very well. It is easy and relaxing to read. If this is most people’s least favorite of his books, then I can’t wait to read some of his others! I totally recommend this!!

Do you like John Green?

🙂 Olivia


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