Book Review- Shiver

I finished reading Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater five minutes ago. Yes, five minutes ago! There is a reason that I jumped right on here to tell everyone about it, and that is because it is SO AMAZING! I have to tell the world! I loved this so much that I wanted to get the next one right away and start reading- but I figured I should take a break, seeing as I had been stationary, reading for the past 3 1/2 hours. 😉 Have you ever done that?

Anyway, I should probably give you a brief summary before I continue glowing about this book! This isn’t, as I previously thought, a book for young kids, it is a teen book, but I can never compare it to Twilight again. I kind of liked Twilight (and please don’t get mad at me, you Twi- haters!), and this changed how I thought about werewolf- fiction forever, I don’t even think I’ll read Twilight again after this. So, this book is about a girl named Grace.  When she was young, she was attacked by wolves but survived. She lived thanks to a particular wolf with yellow eyes.  Years later, as a junior in high school, she is very attached to seeing him and the other wolves in the woods behind her house.  Their disappearance in the spring and summer has always puzzled her, and when something happens one day, she finds out what she has suspected all along. The wolves are actually werewolves- and for a while she gets to be with the one she loves- the yellow eyed wolf- as a human.  But this isn’t an easy life….

Oh man, is this a good book. Most teen fiction nowadays(excepting The Hunger Games and a few special others) is frivolous, superficial trash.  Just take a walk through the Teen Fiction section of any Barnes and Noble and you’ll see- vampires, werewolves, and all forms of undead.  This book totally exceeded my expectations, I wouldn’t even count it as a werewolf-type book anymore.  The romance between Grace and Sam (the yellow-eyed wolf) is very sweet and heart-warming.

I would recommend this to anyone and everyone! Even though it seems to be written by teens, I believe an adult would enjoy this as much as a teen would!

Have you read this? Tell me what you think! And feel free to recommend to me any book you think I would like!

P.S.- Please don’t read this book unless you have the sequel available. Trust me. After reading this, you will want more!

Olivia 🙂



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11 responses to “Book Review- Shiver

  1. I’m SO excited to read this now. You basically summed up how I feel about Twilight and the YA section of the book store-so I’m pretty sure I’ll have the same reaction to this book that you do 🙂

    • Thanks! That makes me so happy- hearing feedback makes me glow inside! I bet you’ll like this just as much as I did! And once again, I finished the sequel, Linger in school today and can’t wait to review it!

  2. You see! This is what I love SO much about books! If you have talent someone is going to appreciate it. I personally did not fall in love with M.S. “Shiver” Comparing it to Twilight, I didn’t feel it had the same level of depth between characters and the story seemed to drag at many points, BUT, I can see why someone completely different would adore it. I’m so glad you shared your thoughts, Olivia, and I am so glad you found an author you respect and admire. They are inspiration themselves. 🙂

    • I definitely get what you are saying- Twilight had some pretty awesome character depth that any writer can learn from, whether they like the story or not. I finished Linger today- and I was a little bit unsatisfied with it, I’ll right a review today. But Forever looks much better, and even though you didn’t like Shiver, I think you’d like the whole series if you read it. Did you read the whole series?

      • Since I wasn’t fond of the first one, I never moved on to Linger or the subsequent Forever. If after reading the series you think she comes back with stronger writing and deeper story line, pulling out a moving ending, let me know and I’ll put in on my Goodreads 🙂

      • I’m about to do a joint review on Linger and Forever because I finished them yesterday. (I’m about to ring Princess of the Midnight Ball by the way!) 🙂 You can check my review out, but until then, I think Forever was the best one of them all! Linger came across as a little bit of a filler- like that unnecessary book that is just a bridge between the beginning and the end. But if you can make it through that, Forever is good!

      • Awesome! Thank you for letting me know. I look forward to reading your review and I do hope you enjoy Princess of the Midnight Ball. I rated it as “I liked it” on my Goodreads. Not spectacular, but decent overall.

      • No problem! And I think I might enjoy it more because I have read the original story, I can’t wait to compare to two@

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  4. Adding this to my ”to read” list! Thanks, Olivia! 😉

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