Febuary 2012- In Books

Oh, gosh.  Where did this month go! But then again, this is a celebration as well! Because……. (drumroll please!)….. it is almost this blog’s one month-aversary!!!! Yay! This is amazing, but I can’t believe it has been that long!

So, this is just a recap of what this month has been like- in book terms. I got through about a book a week this month- which might be good for most people, but for me it really stinks! I usually get through two books a week at least, and according to my 2012 Reading Challenge counter on the sidebar, I am 8 books behind on my goal. Of course, I didn’t start this in January, so it is a little bit off.  But I’m going to have to step it up if I want to meet my goal of 75 books in 2012!

I read

The Story of Edgar Sawtelle- does it count if I didn’t finish this? I think I mentioned in a previous post, but I tried very hard to read it because it was just not my book. I tried to slug through it and got about halfway through and then I went online to see if the end was good.  Most of the time I don’t do this, but I only wanted to know if the ending would look up. And apparently *spoiler* almost every character dies.  So I refused to finish it.

The Secret Lives of Dresses- I liked this book.  It was a very chick-lit sort of read, but it still took me a while because I have a lot of homework lately. Darn it. Here’s the review

Out of Time- I love love LOVE this book! I highly recommend it to anyone! Unless you are a guy. Because I hate to stereotype, but this is a romance as well as adventure, so a guy probably wouldn’t like it.  But still a great read for anyone. Review.

Eat Pray Love- I did not like this book, and I don’t recommend it to anyone.  I thought is was boring, prepaid, and very drawn out. Full review here.

Water for Elephants- Loved it! I highly, highly recommend it. Full review and summary here

The Other Queen- I am reading this now and it is possibly my favorite on the list! I never want to finish this book- it is that good- but at the same time she has many other books as well that I can read.  I am mostly done with this and will probably finish it tomorrow because I have both homeroom and a substitute teacher. I’ll have to remember to pack an extra book.  And I will review this book once I finish it!

So, there you have it. As you can probably tell by my To Read 2012 page, I have many listed but not many crossed off. But hey, that’s what happens when you love books! 😀

If you are a fellow book blogger or writer, I highly recommend joining Goodreads’ 2012 reading challenge. It is a little late, but still is a good way to set goals and track your progress visually.

Tell me what you have been reading lately! Also, what books have you started but never been able to finish?

Happy Reading!!!




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4 responses to “Febuary 2012- In Books

  1. Can’t say I blame you for not finishing Edgar Sawtelle – he was a bit of a marathon for me, and definitely slowed down to a crawl right around the middle which was hard to get through. Looking back I think I liked it overall but it’s definitely not a favourite.

    • That’s definitely the way I felt about it- except a little more negative. 🙂 I never really connected with the characters, it just wasn’t for me. I wouldn’t have expected that out of an Oprah Book Club book though- I thought those were supposed to be amazing!

  2. A Novel Place

    At least you’re well on your way to reaching your goal! I was trying to average about a book a week (so I could read 52 books by New Years this year) but so far I’ve only finished two books in two months. University is getting so crazy and I haven’t much time to read. I’m glad you are though! I really want to read Water for Elephants and Out of Time =)

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