Book Review- Out of Time

I finished reading Out of Time by Deborah Truscott a few days ago. Wow.  As soon as I am done with this post, I am going over to the My Favorites page and adding this to the very top! This is currently one of my favorite books.  Ever.  You might not have heard of it.  I hadn’t before my mom read it- she told me that it was really good- and she lent it to me by Kindle so I didn’t have to pay for it. Although after reading it I would willingly payed anything for this book!

This book is about a woman named Kathleen, also known as Kathy or Kitty, whose life is essentially in ruin.  Her husband is having multiple affairs but refuses to divorce her, her beloved cat just died, and so did her Uncle Bennett.  She is passed down Uncle Bennett’s estate through his will and she has to decide whether to sell the estate or move there with her two children, Sammy and Blythe.  When she goes to check the property out, she happens to enter the garden shed. While she is in it, the last thing she expects to happen, does.  A man steps out of the shadows.  That man is Colonel Robert Upton, an Englishman who was not exactly born in this century.  He was a Colonel in the British army during the Revolution- and he has no idea how he got into the 21st century.  Kathy befriends him- and somehow believes his story.  They go on a journey to get him back to his time, but something happens that neither of them expect. They fall in love.

Like I said before, I really liked this book.  I am sure I will read it many times, and even after I am done with it, I feel a pressing need to get a physical copy of it so I can keep it for a very, very long time.  The chemistry between the two characters is hard to fathom! I kind of knew from the beginning that they were going to fall in love- but I really didn’t expect this intensity! There were some twists in the plot that I hadn’t predicted, and some of them definitely made me gasp out loud and sometimes shout at my poor Kindle! 🙂 The ending is extremely sweet, and I love that  the point of view changes for the last chapter- that is definitely what the book needed.  There is also a TOTAL shocker at the end, or at least it was a shocker for me, but don’t worry, everything turns out fine!

There are just two things that I disliked about this book.  The first might only apply because I go the Kindle version, but we’ll see. There were many small grammatical errors, and let’s face it, that happens to us ALL, but these were some that could/should have been caught by an editor.  The second thing is that I got the impression that the author only had a vague idea of where she was going with the story when she started writing it. But man did it turn out awesome! Oh, and there is a kind of dragging chapter where they discuss the physics of time travel and all that jazz, but that is over quickly.

The bottom line is, I recommend this book to anyone and everyone.  Especially if you like romances or hot English dudes from the 18th century.

Happy reading!



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