Book Review- The Secret Lives of Dresses

The Secret Lives of Dresses by Erin McKean


Sounds like an interesting book, right? Well, it definitely was! I really enjoyed this book!  I knew that this was a lesser known book- definitely still modern, just not a huge bestseller- so i skipped the used bookstore and went straight to Barnes and Noble.  It was buried deep within the wandering shelves of fiction, I never would of found it had I not known about it before! That makes me sad because this book has the makings of being a favorite! Total I paid somewhere around 13 dollars (paperback) and you can hardly find a brand new book for that these days.

OK, now for a basic summary of this book.  The main character is a girl named Dora, majoring in what her grandmother calls “Vagueness Studies” and that shows a lot about who Dora is. She works in the coffee shop at her college and spends her days pining over the grad student who runs the shop, Gary.  Dora has always scraped by, has never been anything special.  She grew up with her grandmother, Mimi, and when Mimi has a stroke she must return home to take over the running of Mimi’s vintage clothing shop, not surprisingly called Mimi’s :).  Not long after she starts running the shop, Dora realizes that Mimi has been writing stories to go along with the dresses- and they’re wildly popular!And then she meets a devilishly handsome contractor named Conrad- and pretty much guarantees that she won’t be going anywhere anytime soon! ;D

I bet you can tell- I really enjoyed this book.  I think it is a romance, but only for about the second half of the book. It is a very chick-lit type beach novel, not a challenging read thought wise and very short.  But it does have that sweet tingly satisfaction that comes from the typical happy ending.  Ahhhh, I love a good happy ending! But really, I would recommend this book to anyone! Especially those with an interest in fashion- this book really made me want to update my wardrobe! I wish that I had vintage clothing stores like this near me, I always liked that style but have never had the time to reproduce it! Prepare to be sad to put this book down, and that it only took you a day to finish!

Read this book when you are:

– at the beach

-in bed

-on the train/bus/plane/boat/any other mode of transportation

-at the dentist

-on a lunch break

-driving (NO please don’t) 🙂

The point is, the lovely plot of this book is easy to follow no matter what you are doing.  Check it out!

I hope you enjoyed this review! 😀



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2 responses to “Book Review- The Secret Lives of Dresses

  1. Very nice review, Olivia!

    Did you have a chance to check out Figment?
    Also, I apologize if I mentioned this already, but I would recommend to you “Princesses of the Midnight Ball” by Jessica Day George. I think you would enjoy it!

    • Thank you! And yes, I have checked out Figment, I’m waiting for my confirmation email right now! I can’t wait to look into it further and maybe write something when I have a moment! No, you have not mentioned this book yet. I’ll head over to Goodreads to check it out! Thank you for recommending it and liking my post! 🙂

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